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How Do I Look? Is an e-commerce/on-line shop site, to buy readymade fashion bow ties, neckties, & scarves specially for individual needs or as gifts.


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How Do I Look? Is owned and maintained by Garden Silk Marketing (0010968-X)  a leader in the Custom Made, Exclusively Designed Neckties and Scarves Industry and Supplying Neckwear as Corporate Gifts


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We are committed to offering Men’s & Ladies Neckwear & Accessories for all occasions; across a range of prices, to give everyone access to tremendous value products. 




Our Neckwear collections of European, American and Italian style ties are of the most stylish and up-to-date modern fashion, yet we still keep always in stock the classic ties that will probably never go out of style.





We focus on creating and sourcing beautiful and affordable products that allow our customers to refresh their look.



If you are looking for your next necktie, bowtie, scarf or any other accessory, we hope that you will find it right here in our website.



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